Digital Schema offers flexible webdesign and scripting solutions for the small businesses of today.

Webdesign: Digital Schema's webdesigner will design your site from square one as soon as you offer us your input. We consider all aspects of your presence on the web -- ranging from your company's own personal preferences, to your company's target audience on the web. Once the design meets your approval, the website passes into the development stage. At this time, Digital Schema can handle all of the following web-based languages: HTML 4.0, XHTML 1.0 1.1, DHTML, CSS 1.0 2.0, Javascript, PHP, JSP, SQL, RSS, XML and Web 2.0.

Digital Schema can work with your company to find a hosting solution that's eCommerce compatible and can assist your company in the development of an online store on the web.

Additional Graphic Design: Should your company require additional graphics, such as the development of a logo for stationery purposes, or a matching set for presentation, Digital Schema's designer is happy to assist with any graphic design needs.

Webmaintenance: Maintenance with Digital Schema is handled on a per-client basis. We're happy to manage updates and revisions for your web-based content as well as address any concerns you may have regarding the ever-changing pace of the internet. Digital Schema is not a web-hosting service, however, so any server issues will be addressed with the host.

Cost: Digital Schema's webdesign and development commissions are arranged per client depending on the size of the venture as well as the scripting required. To begin a dialogue regarding cost, or to have any other questions you may have about our services answered, please contact us